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19.70 SEVENTY Damen Umstands Tunika Ca0599440020 O4O0AY191

Dame Decklack 100% Handgewebter Bestickter Faltenrock Orientalische Vintage Kunsthandwerk #101 ZDZ71T6P6

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Sophisticated Embroidery & Batik Details; Aboriginal Ethnic Design; Top Workmanship
Modellnummer: GZBZQ-101
100% Handmade and Uniquely Designed ~ No Two Skirts are in the Exact Same
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Aboriginal Ethnic Design + Sophisticated Details + Top Workmanship This very beautiful and delicate skirt is truly marvelous! It is 100% handmade by ethnic Miao Ladies, in which you will find sophisticated patterns in aboriginal design, with great use of embroidered colored threads and batik dying technique! Miao Ladies (or Hmong, same rooted) have exceptional talent in embroidery, batik and textile design. They know as much as 14 different stitching techniques, and enjoy self-making dresses, costumes, shoes and bags. You will love the fact that each skirt is uniquely designed and in high workmanship standard, making it truly one of a kind and a real gem! °This embroidered skirt is amazingly rich in texture and details - good mix of embroidery and batik, sophisticated patterns design, and wide spectrum of colored threads used. It is fascinating!± * Item #: GZMIBZQ101 * Vertical Length: 61cm * Weight: 860g * Waist: one size fit all (with very flexible waist band) * Materials: Cotton / Hemp * Condition: pre-owned, kept in excellent condition * Care: Hand wash in cold water, do not soak; avoid direct sunlight when drying *** THIS IS 100% HANDMADE BY ETHNIC LADIES IN SOUTHWEST CHINA, NOT MASS PRODUCED BY FACTORY *** ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~ Browse Interact China for over 300+ selections in Handmade Silver Jewelry, Tribal Bags, Embroidered Skirt and Shoes ~ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

100% Handgewebter Bestickter Faltenrock Orientalische Vintage Kunsthandwerk #101 ZDZ71T6P6

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